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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Product Review : Fabulosity Makeup Range

  Hi guys, so I got these amazing Fabulosity make-up products and decided to try it out...I'm not a make-up artist so this is for all of us who love to apply make-up at home and still feel fabulous..I got the following products..
-Eye liner
-Nude lip liner,
-Pressed powder
-Smoky Eyeshadow

I'm not a fan of heavy make-up but I loveeeeee pink lipstick so,when I got purple, was skeptical but decided to try it out and I loved it
-It does have staying power and pops
-It still gives me the fun look
-Takes the attention off my eyes which sometimes looks tired due to computer related eye strain..
 I totally fell in love with the Fabulosity purple lipstick.That's the colour of the year too.
Checkout more below

 Smoky or dark eye shadows are not really my thing.I like to play it safe with neutral shades or go without eye shadow at all.But the smoky eye shadow never goes out of style, so I decided to use it .It blended so well and made me look mysterious (Can you see the mystery? lol)
- I love the matte feel
- It doesn't smudge
-It does LAST ..Had to use lots of soap,water and baby wipes to get it off (That's a good thing right)

As you can see, also rocking the Pressed powder(21) which blended with my skin..It's also light weight and dry..For those who love Translucent Loose Powder's you would love this...
-I'm wearing the lip gloss in the picture with the smoky eye..Love the smell and as light as it looks, it doesn't 'leak'..
 -I really love the jet black eye liner..That's one make up item I can't do without.Brings out the karashika in me lol..I usually use  Khol but this was so smooth and is water-resistant too..It's a keeper ...
My unbiased verdict, there is a product for every lady ..The packaging is lovely,attractive colors and very light-weight make-up..My favourite is still the lipstick..It's my new found obsession

Get their products with a click by visiting

-Fabulosity cosmetics on Facebook:,
-Instagram- Fabulositycosmetics
-Twitter: @FabulosityC,
-Telephone- 08165589844.

I also published this review on my entertainment blog Miss Petite Nigeria 


  1. You look good with that Lippie on.......would love the eye pencil though since it's waterproof and so that it will bring out the ANGEL in me
    Nice review
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. Thanks dearie ..It's worth the try


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