Wednesday, 16 April 2014

55 & sexier than ever! Sharon Stone graces the cover of Shape Magazine in a sexy bikini

Here is what the 55 year old star said
'It hasn't been easy.There was a point in my 40s where I went into the bathroom with a bottle of wine, locked the door, and said, "I'm not coming out until I can totally accept the way I look right now."
'And I examined my face in the magnifying mirror, and I looked at my body, and I cried and cried and cried. Then I said to myself, "You're going to get old now. How do you want to do that?"
'And I thought, "I'd like to age like a dancer." I want to keep my body in shape like that. I want to do the work. I like to dance and stretch. And I like going to the gym.'
'I like porterhouse steak, rib-eyes and New York strip. This works for me because I have very low cholesterol and low blood pressure. It's not good for everyone; you have to talk to your doctor about that. I also eat fish and cheese. I like clean food prepared as simply as possible.
'I used to love wine, but I don't drink at all now. I think, at a certain point, it's better for women not to have any alcohol because it can make your face, breasts and midsection get very bloated.'

Monday, 17 February 2014

Goth delight-Rihanna turns heads in a dramatic embroidered coat (PHOTOS)

 Rihanna's speciality is turning heads wherever she goes.She did just that in this heavily embroidered oriental-style maxi jacket as she dined at one of her favourite restaurants in LA Giorgio Baldi..
She threw this jacket over a sexy short play-suit ,paired with gold heels, chunky accessories and of course her gothic makeup

Lupita Nyong’o blossoms as cover girl on the spring fashion edition of the the New York magazine.

 Lupita Nyong’o is red hot on the spring fashion edition of the the New York magazine.The 30 year old Yale Graduate said "
“I find my freedom in structure. It was very hard to adjust to an individualistic and very liberal system. I mean, my upbringing, I would iron my clothes every night. I would plan what I wore the night before, and then I would iron it. That’s just the way my mom raised us. Then I got to Hampshire, where clothing is sometimes optional and all this kind of thing. I was mortified,”

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lupita Nyongo'o is a vision of candy pink at BAFTA nominees dinner party

 Lupita Nyongo'o is a fashion killer.She keeps slaying it with every red carpet appearance she makes.She made a big fashion statement at the BAFTA nominees dinner at Asprey London.She wore this lovely tweed Chanel candy pink dress with a Chanel clutch to match .
Her perfect lady-like look was greatly complimented by her radiant skin..

Kim Kardashian labeled "Cheap & Tacky" for cutting this Dior dress into a skirt and cropped top

 Looks like everything Kim does now attracts criticism. The latest is the dior dress she wore  last night.
She shocked the fashion world when she admitted she actually cut this Dior dress in half to create a
new outfit( her fav belly baring look)
she wrote: '
Tonight's look- #AllPinkEverything #DiorDressICutInto2Pieces #ManoloHeels #LorraineSchwartzJewels (sic).'

Fashionistas and Christian Dior fans pounced on her calling her cheap and tacky and disrespectful to Dior. They claim she made Dior look like a cheap dress..
I think it looks fab...

Friday, 29 November 2013

White Crush-Miley Cyrus,TLC,Nicole Richie,Christiana Aguilera

White just never goes out of fashion and stars keep proving this fact.At the 2013 AMA's many strutted the red carpet in Angelic white..But i've got to give it to Miley Cyrus who looks powerful in that suit...(Ofcourse we can't ignore the fact she went bra-less)That's just Miley

Friday, 15 November 2013

White is the new black for Kim Kardashian

Have you noticed since she gave birth to North-West Kim has been rocking white ,peach or nude colours? Well we cant complain now can we? This hot mama looks angelic and what better way than to have us notice your pregnancy weight loss..
Which is your favorite look?