Sunday, 16 February 2014

Kim Kardashian labeled "Cheap & Tacky" for cutting this Dior dress into a skirt and cropped top

 Looks like everything Kim does now attracts criticism. The latest is the dior dress she wore  last night.
She shocked the fashion world when she admitted she actually cut this Dior dress in half to create a
new outfit( her fav belly baring look)
she wrote: '
Tonight's look- #AllPinkEverything #DiorDressICutInto2Pieces #ManoloHeels #LorraineSchwartzJewels (sic).'

Fashionistas and Christian Dior fans pounced on her calling her cheap and tacky and disrespectful to Dior. They claim she made Dior look like a cheap dress..
I think it looks fab...


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  2. But she bought d dress,so she has d right to do whatever she wants with it...