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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fashion Trend: Chunky Anklets

 Agreed,this trend hasn't been embraced by every lady.Its a trend for fashion risk takers,the bold and very confident.Anklets seem to have taken a turn from the tiny conventional ones to very huge chunky ones .I love them coz they accessorize my feet and gives me this sexy vibe.

Just like chunky earrings and necklaces have taken over this season.If wearing an anklet is one of your fashion favs,dont be scared to make your legs do the talking in chunky pieces.
Checkout the pieces below.Can you spot Rihanna's feet?
Put your best foot foward


  1. Wonderful, Anklets should be worn one on each ankle the bigger the better

  2. I wanna bang you Rhianna that ankle bracelet makes you look so damn sexy!

  3. Your ankle bracelet looks so damn sexy on you its making touch my private parts repeatedly!

  4. It's unique thought.
    Because of becoming trend, You can use artificial or silver Fashionable anklets. Although those are looking great at you. You can enrich more of them and also the unique and marvelous from here. Give a look.


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